2005 - 2015. Built a business.

Anti-Theatre was started with my school friend Ben Ladusans. It was a long term project that we started around day jobs, until we were able to give up our day jobs and build Anti-Theatre into a full time business.

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Built in our office

Sites, interactives and educational tools for global brands.

Built in the back of a hair salon

Sites built for people and companies who come via recommendations.

Built at the kitchen table

Umbraco CMS sites for people we'd been introduced to.

Built on the sofa

Custom built sites for people we had known a while.


2009 - 2012. While building a business you still have to pay the rent.

Following my job at Faceparty, while trying to build a client base for Anti-Theatre, I contracted at agencies developing on their various client projects.

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2004 - 2009. My first [un]real job.

I worked at Faceparty during the time that online communities were relatively new and were still in the process of growing into huge social networks. It was an exciting time and I worked in diverse group of incredibly creative and talented people. Faceparty was something new and different which could boast traffic levels of around 57 million page impressions a day.

Although my main responsibilities were around site development, I was also involved with whatever the day required.


2001 - 2002. Internship a part of degree.

I worked in the automotive division of Logica, based in Essex close to key client, Ford.

As part of my degree's year internship, I was involved in a variety of projects across the automotive division. I was exposed to a variety of roles for different clients.

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BSc Software Engineering

1999 - 2003. Nottingham Trent University.

Lessons in software engineering, OO development, SQL development, design languages, project management and problem solving.

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Musical Venue Acoustics Program

For my major final year project I investigated room acoustics and developed an algorithmic based program that alters graphic equaliser levels to balance the room’s sound, accounting for the size of the room and materials within it. This was an area which was not part of the core subject and was inspired by my musical interests. The program was developed using VC++ (inc. MFCs & DirectX), areas not taught in degree course.